Friday, June 20, 2014

Space Explorers 1

Meeting Venus!
It has been an exciting and fun first week at Camp Explorations!  This week we learned about many different aspects of space, from constellations and comets, to space exploration and rockets.  On Monday we focused on planets in our solar system and learned about them in fun ways!  We “met” all of the planets and then learned more facts by playing bingo.  Then everyone was able to create their own flag for a planet in our solar system based on facts about that planet.  Lastly, we played a game called “Share Your Planet,” that helped us learn that if we ever need to find a new planet to live on, we will have to communicate with its original inhabitants to live peacefully.

Our campers learned more about the planets of our solar system by playing planetary bingo!

Playing "Share Our Planet."

Tuesday’s theme was constellations.  One of our counselors gave a Star Talk planetarium show to the campers where they learned about the different stars and constellations visible from our area.  We then learned more about other constellations and made representations of some of them.  Campers even got to create their own constellations with special stories behind them!
Ask your camper about the legend behind Ursa Major!
On Wednesday we learned about space exploration.  The campers made their own space training programs, tried out using astronaut gloves, and learned about the difficulties of living in space.  Campers let their creativity run wild when they made their own space craft!  They went above and beyond the general needs and put extra features on their ships.  Then the groups were able to make their own rockets and test out what helped them fly.  Older kids tested out different types of fins on their straw rockets while the younger kids tried out different levels of “rocket fuel” in their alka-seltzer rockets.
Working on the space crafts

Working with "astronaut gloves" is hard work!

Red group with their alka-seltzer rockets

Thursday was all about comets.  The groups watched a special planetarium presentation called “Impact Earth,” and then got to learn about the different parts and features of comets through a demonstration.  Campers were also able to create their own comets on a stick; be sure to have them show you their comets and tell about the different parts!
Decorating comets
Making a comet with household items.

The theme for our final day of Space Explorers Week 1 was "All Things Space."  Campers put on their scientist thinking caps and explored "space dust" and hunted for dust around the museum to compare it to dust in space.  We then learned about our galactic address and made a galactic mobile!
Galactic Mobiles!

Searching for dust around the museum.

Overall, it was a great week!  We are so happy to have had these campers and we hope to see them again later this summer!

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