Friday, June 20, 2014

Phenomenal Physics 1

We've been having a super week here at Camp Explorations!
We started off our physics fun by learning about sound and light!  Did you know that light and sound travel in wave?  We used diffraction lenses to separate out the different wavelengths of light to see the complete rainbow in the white lights all around us.  We also learned about the rates of reactions and energy by testing the how brightly glow stick liquid glows in hot or cold water.  We studied how laser light is invisible through clear air and water, but becomes visible with passing through a colloid mixture that doesn't dissolve in water.

On Tuesday, we learned all about the physics of flight!  You probably saw some of your camper's own hand made air crafts.  After learning all about drag, lift, and thrust we made a lot of paper airplanes and Magnus and hoop gliders.  We even launched a few off the rotunda balcony!

On Wednesday, we learned about all kinds of energy.  From balloon cars to table top poppers we discovered all kinds of ways to get stuff moving.  We demonstrated the difference between potential and kinetic energy by building our own marble roller coasters!  Our campers also made a battery from items found around the house (ask them about which ones).  Don't forget the homemade light bulb that really made the campers light up!

Thursday was our trip to the Hands On Museum!  We saw and did a lot of interesting experiments and activities all about physics.  Everyone had a blast!  Between all four floors we got to learn about the physics behind weather, sound, light, our bodies, rockets, magnets, and so much more!

Friday is always bittersweet, but our last day of camp was packed with several fun activities.  We learned about diffraction and light some more with some new kinds of hidden messages.  We also learned how to make a rainbow out of nothing but a mirror, a little sunlight, and a bowl of water.  Whether they got their hands dirty or enjoyed from afar, our campers learned all about optics from our up close and personal cow eye dissection!  We studied how cow eyes are similar to human eyes with a just a few exceptions so our campers got a pretty good understanding of how our eyes work!

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