Friday, June 24, 2016

I Dig Archaeology

"Gridding a Site!"

On Monday, our campers learned about how archaeologists map out dig sites. It's all about grids!  Our campers got to see tools that archaeologists use such as rulers, shovels, and brushes.  After learning about the tools, campers had fun taking quizzes guessing the names of tools, and how they are used!
Campers sketch tools in their journals, and start with the cover
Campers ask questions with real Archaeologists

Tuesday, our Yellow and Orange groups headed over to the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology to see artifacts and to experience their own archaeology dig! Red and Green groups stayed at our museum to learn all about the past.  They looked at historic photos of Ann Arbor, and drew the items they would put in their own time capsules!

Campers check out a real human skeleton!

On Wednesday, the campers got to sift through the museum's own Archaic Camp Site for bones and even some human artifacts.  After sorting the bones they found by animal, the campers talked about what these bones might be useful for.  Later they got to see and touch a real human skeleton!  Finally, they campers learned about Middens (archaic trash), and what we can learn about a culture or society from its trash.

Sifting for bones at our Archaic Camp Site

On Thursday, the Red and Green groups got to take their trip to the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology. They learned all about ancient artifacts, and even got to take part in their own dig!  They found shards of pottery and re-assembled the broken pieces.  The Yellow and Orange groups learned about tree rings, and how we can age trees by counting the rings.  Later they sketched what they would put in time capsules of their own.

Campers listen intently to their docent guide
Campers take in the sights!
Campers at their Archaeology Dig site!  What will they find?

Meanwhile, Yellow and Orange groups work on their Time Capsule Drawings!

On the last day of I Dig Archaeology, the campers got to paint their own Archaeology Painting using oil pastels and water color paints!  They then took a trip outside, and used all the skills they have learned this week to measure and grid off our archaeology site.

Campers work together to grid their dig site and paint their Archaeological Painting 

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