Monday, June 20, 2016

Astronomy Adventures Questions

This week's afternoon camp is Astronomy Adventures and we're learning all about space, planets, the moon, and galaxies!

On Monday we learned about planets and our solar system, ask me about...
  • My favorite planet that I learned about!
  • How many planets are in our solar system.
On Tuesday we learned all about constellations, ask me about...
  • What constellations I drew in my watercolor constellations activity.
  • What I learned in the Cowboy Astronomer planetarium show!
On Wednesday we learned all about space exploration, ask me about...
  • What kind of space rover I made and where it was going.
  • How to tell a meteorite from other kinds of rocks.
On Thursday we learned about the moon and its phases, ask me about...
  • If the moon rotates.
  • What are the different phases of the moon, and what games we played to learn about them.
On Friday we learned about galaxies and how to classify them, ask me about...
  • The categories we created for the galaxies we saw, and how they were similar or different from the classifications Hubble created!
  • How we created our own galaxies with water and little pieces of paper.

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