Monday, June 27, 2016

Adventures in Chemistry Questions

The morning camp this week is all about chemistry!  Here are some questions to ask your camper.

On Monday, we'll learn about physical and chemical reactions.  Ask me about...
  • The difference between a physical reaction, and a chemical reaction.
  • Our colorful baking soda experiment.
On Tuesday, we'll discover that acids and bases are everywhere, and test various water samples for pH.  Ask me about...
  • If all water is neutral, acid, or basic.
  • My pH Tie Dye Bandanna! (Careful not to wash it)
  • What household item we used to test the pH of various solutions!
On Wednesday, we'll learn all about chemical reactions and even make some of our own!  Ask me about...
  • My solar powered print!
  • How high my Alka-Setzer Rocket went?  What kind of a reaction was this?
  • What we used to inflate a balloon. Hint, its not air!
On Thursday, we will learn the difference between polymers (plastics), and which can be most easily recycled.  Ask me about...
  • The dangers of plastic #7, and where we can find plastic #7
  • My Heat Sensitive Slime! What color my slime turns, when it's heated up?
 On Friday, we'll have fun with food chemistry, and learn about glucose and starch. Ask me about...
  • What was different about my lemonade during snack?  How to carbonate an acidic drink?
  • What happened to Pop Rocks when dropped into water.  How about dropped into corn syrup?

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