Monday, August 3, 2015

Paleontology Rocks Questions

We're learning all about paleontology this week in the afternoon!  Here are some questions to ask your campers to keep them engaged even after they've left camp for the day.

On Monday, we are learning about Fossils.  Ask me about...

  • My fossil art
  • The fossils I saw
  • The process of fossilization

On Tuesday, we are learning about Geological Time.  Ask me about...

  • My plate tectonics flip book
  • How life has changed over time

On Wednesday, we are learning about Before the Dinosaurs.  Ask me about...

  • My diorama
  • The fossil impression that I made

On Thursday, we are learning about Dinosaurs.  Ask me about...

  • The size of dinosaurs
  • How gastroliths work
  • My dinosaur hat

On Friday, we are learning about the Ice Age.  Ask me about...

  • The tar pit activity
  • How Mastodons went extinct
  • My Sabertooth mask

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