Friday, August 14, 2015

Best of Camp Explorations

For our final week of Camp Explorations we have brought back some of our most beloved activities.  Monday was all about engineering.  Campers designed and built roller coasters, learned how to make earthquake-proof buildings, and worked in teams to make water rockets to be launched later in the week.

A Stegosaursus has found some prehistoric footprints!

Tuesday was all about dinosaurs.  Campers put their paleontology skills to the test with different activities throughout the day.  They dug for coprolites (ask your camper what that is!), interpreted dinosaur trackways, and searched through the Prehistoric Life gallery for dinosaurs and other animals throughout time.  Lastly, campers made their own Stegasaurus back plates, decorated to perfection.

Watch out for the Allosaurus!

On Wednesday we spent the afternoon in Nichols Arboretum.  We built our fairy friends some new homes and enjoyed the great outdoors with parachute activities.  We ended the day with some exciting finds:  deer scat and a deer bed!

A home fit for a fairy

Underneath the parachute!
Searching for signs of animals

Our theme for Thursday was astronomy.  Campers made star finders to use to help them navigate the night sky and launched the rockets they made on Monday.  We enjoyed our last planetarium show of the year, given to us by one of our very own counselors.

Patiently waiting for liftoff
Pumping up the rockets for launch time

Our last day was all about animals.  We played some favorite camp games, including "Oh deer!" and animal relay races.  Campers ended the week by making animal dioramas; they made some very impressive habitats!

This caiman has everything it needs to survive!

A rattlesnake making his way during the animal relay races

Thank you for an amazing summer!  We hope to see you around the Museum soon!

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