Monday, August 10, 2015

Junior Naturalists Questions

This week is all about the ecology of the world around us.  Here are some questions to keep your Junior Naturalists engaged even after they head home.

On Monday, we're learning all about trees.  Ask me about...

  • "Every Tree for Itself!" and what trees need to survive.
  • My leaf rubbings!
  • My leaf IDial and how to identify different kinds of trees.

On Tuesday, we're learning all about ecology.  We will be walking to and from the Arb, so please make sure your child has a water bottle, good walking shoes, a backpack, sunscreen, and bug spray.  Ask me about...

  • My trip to the arb!
  • Ecology bingo!

On Wednesday, we're learning all about scat & tracks.  Ask me about...

  • My animal tracks art
  • Our animal signs scavenger hunt
  • Our scat hands-on kit!
***We will be eating lunch in the Arb on Wednesday. If your child is not enrolled in all day and would like to join us you may pick up your child at the Museum at 1:00. Please let us know if your child will be joining us for lunch that day.***

On Thursday, we're learning all about watersheds.  Ask me about...

  • Our Huron River Watershed Program
  • Abiotic/Biotic Ball!

On Friday, we're learning all about Michigan Wildlife.  Ask me about...

  • Michigan wildlife riddles
  • The loon I wove
  • Meeting animals with Nick!

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