Monday, June 15, 2015

Astronomy Adventures Questions

This week's afternoon camp is Astronomy Adventures and we're learning all about space, from the solar system to the constellations!

On Monday we're learning about stars; ask about...

  • The life cycle of a star.
  • The different parts of stars

On Tuesday we're learning about our Solar System; ask about...
  • The different planets in our Solar System.
  • Their planetarium shows.

On Wednesday we're learning about our Moon; ask about...

  • The phases of the moon.
  • The different parts of the moon.

On Thursday we're learning about constellations; ask about...

  • The constellations they created and the stories behind them.
  • Their planetarium shows.

On Friday we're learning about space exploration; ask them about...
  • Their space shuttles.
  • Working in outer space.

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