Monday, June 22, 2015

Fun with Physics Questions

This week, Camp Explorations' morning session is all about physics!  Here are some questions you can ask your camper to keep them engaged with the topic even after they head home.

On Monday, ask me about...

  • How we created artificial gravity, and how it works on the international space station.
  • Relative friction from our salt and marble mystery test tube.
  • Newton's First Law and our "Inertia Challenge"
On Tuesday, ask me about...
  • How high I can fly (just not for very long)
  • How a plane's wing works.
  • The paper airplane I made
On Wednesday, ask me about...
  • My sound sandwich and straw flute!
  • How sound is made.
  • When we can see sound waves (not in the air, but what about water?)
On Thursday, ask me about...
  • Our cow eye dissection and how similar cows' eyes are to ours.
  • My spinning color wheel and what happens when it spins really fast!
  • The difference between opaque, transparent, and translucent (maybe ask for some examples)
On Friday, ask me about...
  • Our "Human Circuit" and why a circuit needs to be a complete circle.
  • Our roller coaster, and the difference between potential and kinetic energy.
  • Our "ice-tray battery" and how you can make a battery at home.

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