Monday, June 29, 2015

Science Sampler Questions

This week in our afternoon session we are exploring various fields of science!  Here are some questions to keep your camper engaged even after they head home.

On Monday we are learning about physics.  Ask me about...

  • The parachute I made.
  • What ooblek is.
  • How energy is converted.
On Tuesday we are learning about chemistry.  Ask me about...
  • What bubbles can and cannot do.
  • What "boo bubbles" are.
  • How heat affects glow sticks.
On Wednesday we are learning about nanoscience.  Ask me about...
  • My stained glass project.
  • How many nanometers I am.
  • The nano-story I wrote.
On Thursday we are learning about engineering.  Ask me about...
  • The buildings I made and tested on an earthquake simulator.
  • The Lego car I built.
  • The electric exploration stations.

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