Friday, June 26, 2015

Amazing Animals

It's been a wild week at Camp Explorations!  We've been busy learning about animals from around the globe!  From the freezing arctic to our own backyards, campers discovered facts about animals big and small.

Working hard to create the ideal habitat.

On Monday we learned about habitats and created some of our own!  Campers selected an animal, and using what they learned is necessary for all habitats, created a very special home for their animals.  We learned how to tell where in the world an animal lives just by looking at it and lastly learned about specific habitats for animals living in Michigan.

Learning where animals live.
We dove deep into the sea on Tuesday to learn about creatures that swim.  Campers learned about the animals that live at different depths of the ocean by playing 3D bingo and making a pull-through craft.  Red and Green groups explored how whales communicate with balloons; make sure to ask them about it!  Campers also learned that some deep sea animals don't even have to move to get their food!  Lastly, we got a bit messy and painted wooden sharks.  We've got some very colorful new species!
Deep Sea Bingo

A shark fit for the sea.

It was a beautiful day for a hike!
On Wednesday we hiked through the Arb on a mission to find as many animal homes as possible.  We found plenty of webs, nests, and holes for critters to live and even had a deer visit us for a brief moment!  Ask your camper what kinds of animal homes they saw the most of.

It looks like they've found something noteworthy!

Thursday was all about birds.  We started out our day with some very special visitors from the Leslie Science and Nature Center!  Campers learned about three very special birds and have an experiment to show their friends and family that explain why owls' wings are so quiet.  We learned about what different birds eat based on the size and shape of their beaks and then discovered the trials of being a migratory bird.  Ask your camper if he or she made it all the way to the nesting site!

Ask your camper what's going on in this picture!

The Bald Eagle liked to show off.
There's a toucan on the loose!
We finished off the week with endangered species and adaptations.  We learned why certain animals are endangered and what threats they face.
Our Skype with Buffalo Bill.

Learning about endangered species.

Endangered species board game!

Everyone came up with their own animal!

Thanks for spending the week with us here at Camp Explorations!  We had a great time and we hope you did too!

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