Friday, August 8, 2014

Amazing Animals 2

A beautiful firefly!

It has been another great week at camp!  On Monday, we learned all about insects.  Campers caught (and released!) different insects around the museum for observation and even made their own lightning bugs!


Tuesday was all about reptiles and amphibians.  Campers learned the differences between the two groups through several activities.  Ask your camper to explain to you!  In addition, we learned about some specific snakes, including Sanajeh, a dinosaur-eating snake.  Campers then made their own rattle snakes, shakers and all!

Learning about the differences between reptiles and amphibians

Red group listening intently

A rattlesnake, ahhhh!!!!

We walked to Nichols Arboretum on Wednesday to learn about different animals that can be found there.  We were lucky enough to see 6 deer and 2 fox in addition to many other animals!  
Spotting several deer and foxes!

A beautiful doe and fawn... And a thumb, oops!

Testing out the bug goggles

On Thursday, we focused on biodiversity and adaptations.  Campers learned about various adaptations and even tried some out!  We learned about some crazy sounding animals and came up with new, colorful species that could some day be real.

A colorful creature!

Learning about wings!

Friday's theme was desert animals.  We learned how animals adapt to live in the desert and had a desert animal relay race!  Campers made their own stand-up giraffes.  Ask them about giraffe spit!  
Walking like a verrrrryyyy long camel!

Working hard on his giraffe

We're sad to see the week end!  We hope to see you around the Museum!

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