Sunday, August 3, 2014

Amazing Animals 1

We've had another great week at Camp Explorations!  On Monday, we learned all about habitats.  Campers learned where different animals live around the world and played a Camp Explorations favorite, "Oh Deer!"  Campers then made some animal habitats of their own.  They got very creative!

Our campers love playing "Oh deer!"

A habitat fit for a shark!
Tuesday's theme was aquatic animals.  We saw and touched some really cool specimens, including a beaver skull and different shark jaws!  Campers played a game that matched young animals with their adult counterparts.  Ask them which kind of animals were the hardest to match.  We then learned about fish adaptations and campers made their own species of fish!
Some very special fish

Looking for a match
We took a walk to Nichols Arboretum on Wednesday to do a special nature scavenger hunt.  Campers worked in groups to match their colored paint chips to things they saw in nature!

We found one!
Ask your camper if this is an adult or baby owl
On Thursday, we had some very special visitors!  Leslie Science and Nature Center brought three of their owls and taught us their different calls.  Ask your camper if they remember how to make them!  We raced like penguins and then made our own owl masks.  Campers even made origami pigeons to hang in the Museum for our special exhibit on Passenger Pigeons.  Check them out in the rotunda!

A  parliament of owls got loose in the Museum!

A very friendly owl
The oldest group helped hang up the origami Passenger Pigeons
Friday was all about endangered animals.  We played a few games to learn about the impact of  over-fishing and pollution on endangered animals and how an animal becomes endangered, and made trumpeting elephants.  We really enjoyed this past week and we hope all of the campers did, too.  We hope to see you around the Museum soon!

Playing "The Game of Life"

Seeing how difficult life is with some of their species missing

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