Friday, June 29, 2012

Physical Science Quest 2

We have had a fun, informative, adventurous and exciting week here at camp! Our theme this week was
Physical Science, so we explored a wide range of topics from the pH scale to bottle rockets.

Roni helping Alex add pennies to his boat.
Rylee and Kyri entering their team's measurements on the Water Olympics score board.
On Monday, we investigated the water cycle and water properties. We made boats out of aluminum foil and then counted how many pennies we could fill the boat with until it sank. We explored different stages of the water cycle in an activity called The Incredible Journey, in which we traveled between the different stages and collected a bead at each one. These beads decorated a bracelet that symbolizes how water can move between the different phases in a variety of ways and directions. Next, each counselor’s group competed against the others in a Water Olympics, comprised of 4 water-riffic events! We saw how many drops of water could fit on a penny, how many pennies we could put in a full cup of water before it overflows, and how many paperclips we could float on the surface of water, all investigating the surface tension of water molecules. We also tested the absorbency of two types of paper towel by dipping them into water and seeing how far up the paper towel strip it soaked in.

Hazen rolling the dice in the Incredible Journey to see which phase of the water cycle he would visit next!       

Justin seeing how many paper clips can float on water.

Roni's group adding pennies to their cup of water.

Bridget testing the absorbency of paper towel.

On Tuesday, we tested the acidity of different substances using cabbage. We did this by crushing purple cabbage in warm water, and then examining what color it turned when we added the different substances. Substances like lemon juice and vinegar, which are acidic, turn a red or pink color when mixed with the cabbage juice. Bases like window cleaner and baking soda turn blue, green or yellow.. We also made our own soda pop using club soda and a variety of food coloring and ingredients to enhance the taste! We learned a lot about balancing each ingredient to create a tasty concoction!

Anthony crushing cabbage in water.
Cole added all possible ingredients to his soda!

On Wednesday, we took a field trip to the Hands On Museum and participated in a Circuits Lab. We created many different electrical circuits that we see in everyday life, including a Burglar Alarm and Street Lights. We learned about how electricity travels in a circle, and that one kink in this circle can prevent something from working.
Manish and Justin creating a circuit during the workshop.

Cole sitting in an ambulance at the Hands On Museum.

Manish and Alex working on their rollercoaster.
On Thursday, we had fun with physics! We made rollercoasters using pipe insulation, masking tape, and toilet paper tubes. We talked about gravity, potential and kinetic energy, and force. We also made catapults using toilet paper tubes and spoons. We learned about how resistance is important for a catapult to launch an object.
Kyle's group making catapults.

On Friday, we made bottle rockets out of 2-liter plastic bottles. Each group decorated their rocket, and then we went over to the big lawn in front of the ROTC building to launch them high into the sky! They were quite a sight to see, and definitely ended this week with a BANG!

Bridget, Mary and Rylee's "Bat-rocket" won the award for best design!
Shooting off our rockets!

We hope your children had a fun and educational time spent here at the Museum of Natural History. We sure had a fun time with them, and can’t wait to see some of them back later this summer!

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