Friday, June 22, 2012

Astronomy Adventure 1

On Monday, we compared planet sizes using sports balls and created our own planet! We also played Solar System Bingo, created solar system tongue twisters, and made cosmic vacation brochures.

Tuesday we visited the planetarium to learn about constellations. We learned that even though the stars in the sky look close together to us, they are actually very far from one another. We also talked about the myths behind several well known constellations we can see in our night sky. By using the star finder we created we can find the constellations we talked about. If you go outside, point your star finder north, and turn it to the right date and time, you can find the constellations we talked about in your own backyard!

On Wednesday, we launched rockets using Alka-Seltzer and film canisters. This showed us how a real rocket works! The controlled explosion (Alka-Seltzer and water) caused a build-up of pressure, and the release caused a reaction in the opposite direction, propelling the rocket into the air. We also made our own spacecrafts.

Working on making their rockets!

Nina, Bregon, and David show off their rockets before the big launch!

Terah with her rocket!

Emily and Drew display their spacecrafts.

Thursday we learned about Rovers. We took turns traveling through an obstacle course as rovers an collecting rock samples while a driver gave us directions. We also took a look at Mars and explored whether or not there could be life!

Friday we went on an exciting field trip to the Angell Hall Observatory! We were able to safely view the sun through powerful telescopes, and we even saw Jupiter! The visit to the planetarium was also very interesting. We learned about the Moon, Sun, and Earth!

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