Monday, August 5, 2013

Ecology in Your Backyard 2 Questions

Monday, August 5
On Monday we are talking about biodiversity and threats to animals, such as invasive species and environmental toxins.

Ask me about the bioaccumulation game we played and what it taught us about how toxins can travel through the food chain!

Ask me about the invasive species posters we made. What kind of plant or animal did I make a poster for and why is it dangerous?

Tuesday, August 6
On Tuesday we will take a hike around U of M campus (weather-permitting) and do a Nature A to Z Scavenger Hunt.

Ask me what types of animals and plants I saw on our hike!

Did I find something in nature for every letter of the alphabet?

Wednesday, August 7
On Wednesday we will be talking all about trees. We will learn about the structure of trees, and what each part is used for, and then talk about leaf identification.

Ask me about the Tree Factory game we played! What part of the tree did I have to play and what is it's function?

Ask me about the leaf identification activity we did! What types of leaves did we look at and what are some of the things we looked at to identify them?

Thursday, August 8
Thursday will be all about environmental stewardship. We will be taking a tour of the School of Natural Resources (SNRE), the university's first green building, and doing an activity about litter.

Ask me what kind of environmentally friendly features does the SNRE building have?

Ask me about the litter tag we played! What did it teach me about littering?

Friday, August 9
Friday will focus on the Butterfly Garden, garden design, and native vs. non-native plants.

Ask me about the garden I designed! What kind of things did I have to think about when designing my garden?

Ask me what I learned about native vs. non-native plants. Why can non-native, or invasive, plants be dangerous to an ecosystem? What kind of native plants did we see in the Butterfly Garden?

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