Monday, August 5, 2013

Amazing Animals 2 Questions

Monday, August 5:
On Monday, we will learn about biodiversity.

Ask me what animals only live in North America. What about on the other continents?

Ask me about how animals adapt to live in certain environments.

Tuesday, August 6:
On Tuesday, we will learn about ocean animals and habitats.

Ask me about the pet jellyfish I made!

Ask me about the planetarium show I saw!

Wednesday, August 7:
On Wednesday, we will learn all about insects and arachnids.

Ask me some of the differences between insects and arachnids.

As me about the insect I created!

Thursday, August 8:
On Thursday, we will take a field trip to Nichols Arboretum!

Ask me about the forest animal scavenger hunt I did! What kinds of animals did I find?

Friday, August 9:
On Friday, we will learn all about animals.

Ask me about acting out different animals for animal charades!

Ask me about the Animal Olympics!

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