Friday, August 9, 2013

Amazing Animals 2

A map of animals around the world
It was a wonderful last week of Camp Explorations at the Museum of Natural History!  We focused on all different kinds of animals, habitats, and their interactions.  On Monday we learned about biodiversity.  We made a map of where different animals live, especially those that are specific to one continent or region.  We also looked at the Michigan Wildlife on the third floor of the museum and noted the diversity among the species.  Finally, we played the adaptation game, and had to imagine what kinds of adaptations animals would need to live in different environments.

Drawing animal adaptations

Tuesday was all about oceans and the creatures that live under the surface of the water.  We played the ocean habitat game where we had to race to the bottom of the ocean by finding the animals that live in each zone. We also made pet jellyfish to take home with us!

Playing Ocean Habitats

We love our pet jellyfish!

Learning about amazing underwater creatures
In the planetarium for "From Stars to Starfish"!

On Wednesday we learned about the differences between insects and arachnids.  We got to act out how termites use pheromones to communicate in their colonies, and also got to move like different insects in a six-legged relay race!  We also got to create our own insect or arachnid!

Creating our own insects and arachnids

Six-Legged Relay Race: jumping like a flea...
...flying like a honey bee...
...and striding like a water strider!

Thursday was field trip day!  We walked to the Arb and got to explore one of Ann Arbor’s favorite nature parks.  We worked on forest animal scavenger hunts, and many of us saw all sorts of different species, even a deer!

On Friday we learned about all different kinds of animals.  We made life boxes, which have all four things needed for something to live.  We played animal charades and got to act out some of our favorite animals.  Finally, we competed in the Animal Olympics, where we got to move and compare ourselves to many native Michigan animals!
Acting like a cheetah for animal charades

Showing off our life boxes

More animal charades!

Balancing like the Great Blue Heron for Animal Olympics!

We are sad that the summer has come to an end so quickly, but happy we got to make so many new friends!  We hope to see old and new faces next year for Camp Explorations, and we hope everyone enjoys the last few weeks of summer!

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