Monday, August 6, 2012

Science Sampler Adventure 2

As sad as we are that this is our last week of camp, we are also very excited about our upcoming activities and explorations during this second Science Sampler Adventure! You can use this blog to follow some of the camp happenings going on at the Museum and beyond. Please be sure to check the blog again on Friday to see some pictures from the week!

Here are some suggestions of what to ask your children about at the end of each day!

                Ask me what types of plants and animals we saw in the Butterfly Garden.
                Ask me about the differences between a butterfly and moth.
     Ask me about the bottle rockets we made!
                Ask me what we used to make our bottle rockets fly!
                Ask me about our nature hike scavenger hunt in the Arboretum!
                Ask me about the camouflage game we played.
                Ask me about the volcanoes we made and then watched erupt!
                Ask me about  how we simulated earthquakes.
               Ask me the UV Light experiments we did.                
               Ask me about the solar cars we raced. 

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